Dear Writer. Reader . Poet . Artist

For years, I wrote for the purpose of school.
And then, I wrote for the joy of writing.
And then I collected it all for the viewing of others.
And before long, that was what I became known for.

What I learnt over the years, was that not everybody is a Reader.
And of those that Read, some prefer hardcopy over digital.
Some people just don’t like long Stories – they hate detail.
Others demand to know if the air itself was as crisp as the clear blue sky.

And they all know this because they found a random book on a random shelf and it told them something about themselves.

In a world where there’s just too much happening and not enough time to get it all done and Life just keeps throwing curveballs at everyone, who would even have the time to Read anything simply for the pleasure of Reading?

This was the driving force behind almost everything that I wrote or didn’t Write.
But then I realized that if I chose not to Write, simply because there was nobody in my Life to Read, then I would be doing a disservice to the Readers out there waiting for a story like mine.

I am more of a Poet than I am a Novelist.
But the best ones started somewhere – and they did not quit.

So, for every Writer and Poet and Artist out there – whatever your motivations are – keep sharing your Story.
For your release.
For theirs.
For something to do.
For that drive and compulsion inside of you.

Tell your Story.

Sincerely, Daisy.


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