Writing Journals One was fun.
I was nervous & excited & at war with myself like, “What will my parents say?!” Vs. “I’m a grownass woman! What can they say?!
I remember wondering what my sisters would say – I mean, they had no idea that I could think this way.
And then I just didn’t care what they thought anymore.
Because I was doing this for me and not for them.
I was exploring a different style and genre of Writing outside of my comfort zone.
And I went as wild as I could get with it!
I wrote and wrote until I was sure that the story was told and when I went back to edit it all – I was proud of my work!
I found that I ENJOY Writing.
I Love the high I get from the creative blast.
I may not make big money out of my work, but I learnt that that isn’t the point.
The point is that I have something to look forward to when my days are dark. I have a way of hearing my Soul speak to me when I cannot find the words.
I have a way of expressing myself that harms nobody and helps me.
I have a way of speaking, out loud, what it is I feel – and sometimes, when I share it, I can help someone else put words to their own feelings.
So write that wicked story.
And if you want to share it, DO IT!
Because there’s someone out there who waits around the clock for you to post a chapter so they can disappear into the beauty of your alternate reality.
And if you want to keep it to yourself, do that too!
Just Write!


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