Dear Reader.

For years, this Story sat buried in my laptop along with so many other unfinished manuscripts.

I wasn’t confident and brave enough to share them with anyone, anywhere, not even my friends.

Because I was always worried about what they would say about me afterwards.
I talk about Love.
I talk about Sex.
I talk about God.
I talk about what it feels like to be left out – what it means to want to belong.
I talk about feeling like a foreigner despite having being birthed and raised in this land.
I talk about understanding the true meaning of family.

And I talk about learning and growing and moving beyond my comfort zone.

Β  People will always have their own views about all of these things, as we all do about everything else.
But such is life.
And without all of it, how do we grow?
It doesn’t matter whether we do good or terrible things – people will always talk.
They will have something good to say or they will have something bad to say – or they will say something completely irrelevant and besides the point.
And you will either learn from it, or be crushed under the weight of your own choice not to rise and grow.

Β  So on this grey, cloudy Jo’burg day, I hope that whatever life throws at you, you choose to grow from it!

Love, Daisy . . 🌻

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