Dear Reader.

  I never understood this quote.
Why would my dreams scare me?
Doesn’t it then make it a nightmare – because by definition, nightmares are frightening?

  But I get it now.
There were thoughts flying around my mind when I decided to share this story internationally.
There are far better writers out there with far superior artistry than what I possess. And they are equally invested in their craft, if not more so.

I wondered –
What if I’m nowhere near as good enough?
What if I put it all out there and not a single person takes interest?
What if what I write has the opposite effect of what I intended?
What if my story is so poorly written and there is no redemption to be found in the plot?
What if this is my one and only chance to get this right and I ruin it?
What if I am left disgraced?

  It would be a flat out lie to say that I haven’t always imagined this book going to print.
Heck, I even wonder what it would be like walking into my favourite Exclusive Books store to find that my work was right there in the ‘recommended’ section.

  Big dreams!

  And yes I’m scared, still.
But no great thing ever came from staying in one’s comfort zone.
And this is waaaaaay outside of mine 🤣.

But I will never know if I’m even capable of realizing my dream, if I don’t try!
So far, so good 🤓

Happy Reading 🖤💓🖤

Sincerely, J.D . . 🌻

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