the taste of you

I like the way that my flesh
Moulds under your teeth
Like the first sting of dark chocolate
Before it’s wholesome and bittersweet
Like that dull ache from the pressure
As the pleasure builds and is released
Like that last bit of air in my lungs
Just before you let me breathe –
You’re like a drug that I’ve found myself
Fast becoming addicted to
And even when I am down to my last breath
The need for oxygen pales in the scent of you
In the air – I can tell
That you’re near – all I want is to be with you
My body trembles and my Soul shakes
At the unspoken promise of you –
I like
The way my name fits in your mouth
Please speak it – over and over again
I like how it feels – I like how it sounds
Just above a whisper – let me hear you say it
I could lie to the whole World
Just to have you be
The only one to call me by my true name
Because I love the way you say it
Against my lips – I love the way it tastes –
I love the way your Heart beats with mine
Give it here
I promise
I will keep it safe…


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