Celebrating the small victories today.

It was a long week that has just gone past – 7 days of night and 84 hours of them spent earning my bacon!
And I made it through to the end of watch without that superior level of misery that usually follows me through a long shift!

Another small victory – or perhaps a great one, depending on how you look at it – has got me smiling today.

When I relaunched the Blog and the Facebook page, I had a goal.
Reach 1000 Readers on the blog within or by 6 months.
My deadline was the end of January 2020.
If I didn’t make that following by that time, I would officially put The Journals away, with only the First Editions in existence in the National Library Of South Africa, and the first drafts in the hands of my original Beta Readers.
But then a couple of weeks ago, I got that Facebook alert that I had reached 800 Readers on the Facebook page, and then less than 24 hours after that notification, I reached 1000 Readers.
But that hadn’t been the goal.
I still wanted that number for the Blog.

And today, it finally happened.
Over 1000 Readers on the blog, #TheJournalsOfHe!
I am moved – I am beyond even that.
I suppose I am still in that space in my mind where I thought that 37 followers was all that this story would amount to!
My father would say that it’s a good thing.
β€œYou are rich,” he said once. β€œAnd maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t even realize it.”
He said that it would keep my head small.
And I get it.
And I see it.

And I will celebrate this small victory.

There are other Writers with millions of followers, and so my 1000 seems tiny when compared to that figure.
But I am good with that because it is more than I ever could have hoped for.

So, Thank You!
This is all You!

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