dominick tyree.png

(6) Now, my favourite question to answer was simply asked – why Dom? Why him? How him? 🀣
I’ve had many variations of this question because truly, he is a beautiful man πŸ˜‹ so here are my best answers.

Number 1 : The name, I have always loved. The first time that I heard it, years ago, I fell in love with it.
Number 2 : Where did I hear it? Fast&Furious, lol.
Number 3 : The character is based off of the most intriguing men that I have met over the years, but –
Number 4Β : His foundation is based off of a living, breathing man that I once knew. He remains a mystery to me and so, I created a version of him as I imagined him to be.
And –
Number 5 : He’s Irish because I want to visit Ireland, lol.
He’s also Ugandan because I am Ugandan and I needed some kind of – celestial connection between the two families.
Number 6 : He’s a businessman because it suited him, I guess?
He has a lot of money but he doesn’t need it.
Number 7 : His eyes – because wow. Hazel eyes are beautiful. And on a brown skinned person? WOOOOOOOW!
Number 8 : He’s black because YES!
Number 9 : He keeps his circle of people very small and exclusive because he generally isn’t a people person.
That’s one of the things that draws him deeper into his desire to be with Dilia – their shared introverted nature.

J.D. . πŸ–€

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