The main characters are made up of traits that I find meaningful & important & relevant to my existence on this planet.
So naturally, I will go into detail.
I will pay attention.
I have spoken and spoken about Dilia Nambiro.
So, let’s talk about Dominick for a little bit.
I mean – The Journals are about him after all ๐Ÿค“
Most of the questions I’ve gotten over the years were about him, but the theme has been the same.

(4) An interesting question I got โ€“ and this shook me โ€“ was WHY Dom is black.
Why not?
For years, I was bullied for being dark-skinned.
I was made to feel like I was the only big, black HUMAN in the real world.
I felt isolated.
I thought that black was an ugly colour.
An ugly pigment.
And that affected the way that I saw the black man.
It never even registered with me that my parents were the same colour as me. My whole family even!

And then I left my small town for the big City and just like that, there they were ๐Ÿ˜
All around me.

Different individuals, with the same pigment as I had, or even darker, all of them, individual and unique.
And not just the men, but the women as well.
Beautiful ๐Ÿ–ค
And I was among them and they didn’t base their treatment of me on my skin tone.

I cannot describe what a revelation it was to realize that just because someone told me their views on who I was, that didn’t make it true.
I had to unlearn all these thoughts that black was an ugly colour and that it was a curse to be dark-skinned.
I had to unlearn all of it by looking first, to myself.
And it all changed after that.
I learnt that beauty and desire and appeal – all of it is subjective.
Just because someone thought I was ugly, that didn’t mean that I was.

And so, as I was writing the outline for the story, Dom walked right up into my mind and he was black with hazel eyes and that was that.
He was a compilation of all the beautiful people I’d encountered in life and his skin just happened to be black.
He was a faceless, colourless man before I decided to flesh him out. And when I did, the pieces just fit together perfectly!

The Reader was thrown when he was described as dark-skinned, specifically based on his thought process in the opening scene in the library when he first met Dilia.
And here, I was told that itโ€™s rare to find a dude minding his own business in a library, yet along, a black dude.

A black dude, minding his own business in a library, READING!
I laughed.
Why did I laugh? Because I know of such men and that part of his character is based on them (#YouKnowYourselves).

(5) How Does He Love Like That?
The intrigue was pushed further when another Reader questioned the authenticity of Domโ€™s interest in Dilia, particularly the way that he expresses it as the story unfolds.
I was asked, โ€œHow does a black man Love like that?โ€

How does he not? Why shouldnโ€™t he?

Dilia is a woman that he wants to get to know and wants to be with and he is a grown man with a plan.
And what is that saying?
When a man wants to be with you, he will make it happen?
Dom made it happen.
He did his best and he showed her his truth because that is what he wished of her in return.
He shared his world with her because thatโ€™s what he hoped she would do with him.

I never knew that it would matter to anyone what race Dom was.
I guess we could talk about things like culture and upbringing, but ultimately, the collective makeup of all these things are what makes a person.

He was raised the way he was raised and he lived his life the way that he lived it and he made his choices the way that he made them and he survived the things he survived and the end result was this man.

Everybody has their love language.
As the story progresses, you will see how they all express their feelings in general.
Words, actions, gestures – whatever they feel most comfortable doing!

J.D. . ๐Ÿ–ค

End Of Part Two

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