Happy Wednesday, Readers!
It’s that time again.
And today, is going to be about Dom.
We all love Dom, so I am not complaining!

Dominick is no stranger to sex.
He said it.
Based on his physically intimate moments with Dilia, Dominick appears to know his way around a woman’s body.
He seems to know when she’s in the mood and just how far to take it, with the ultimate goal of pleasuring her.
He knows the cues of his own body – meaning that he can bring her to orgasm, without coming apart himself, particularly at the expense of her Vow.
It seems like he’s been there, done that, and made a whole video, and walked around naked in front of you to prove that it was him in the video.
He seems to know when he’s got the green light, and when he should fall back.
Dilia responds to his touch in ways that surprise her and she sometimes wonders how he just KNOWS how to bring her right to the blade’s edge of her sanity, just before pushing her headlong over it into an explosion of pleasure.
If we were being fanciful about it, we’d say that he could read her mind.

One Reader stated how she liked that Dom asked first before he made love to her with his mouth for the first time.
There are plenty of reasons behind his choice to do this, and the main one is that Dilia asked that he do so, every time before he was about to do something different.
And by different, I mean something that involves him touching her in her most intimate areas.
When they’re together and things start to get heavy, Dom isn’t pausing to catch his breath, he’s doing so because that’s his way of asking her if she’s okay with him going further.
And when he tells her that he’ll stop without question if she so wishes, he means it.
Out of respect for her and her wishes.
He was clearly shocked when she allowed him to touch her like that the first time, and in that moment, he learnt more about her and himself.
There was something vulnerable about it all in the way that she let him in, where nobody else outside of her had been before.
And in seeing her like that, he realized just how ardently he desired being in that space with her.
It was something beyond the meeting of bodies and the physical need for pleasure.
It was something altogether more.
He loves her, even though he hasn’t spoken the words.
Dom may not be a novice to the wonderland that is the woman’s body, nor is he a novice to sex, but Dilia is new to him.
What he feels for her is new to him and he cherishes what he feels when he’s with her.
Why does he ask?
Because even though she’s the one seeing all the stars and colours in the end, he’s right there with her, experiencing every little wave of pleasure.
He loves watching her come apart for him.
He cherishes the fact that she allows him the privilege being with her, whether it’s physically or existentially.
And he really, really doesn’t want to mess up what they have together.

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