I woke up like this
In the shadow of myself
In the dead of light
With a raging hunger
And I
Don’t mean a desire
For food
I mean
A thirst and a craving for
An uncharted truth
You know it
That time you come
And say it out loud
All the things that
You’re afraid to admit or
Talk about
The things that have the
Potential to shut your
Joy down
The things you couldn’t
Admit to yourself
Just say them to me now –
Woke up like this
In that patchwork shade of grey
Where they tried to water it down
But it was never that simple
You say
That it shouldn’t be spoken of
Because it’s twisted and
It’s dark
Yet the world remains fearless
In showing images of violence
And the stopping Heart –
Crave only to see what gets
The fire in your blood
All those things that keep
You up at night and produce
The joys of your art
I –
Know you’d expect me to tremble
In fear
And maybe I will
In the beginning
At the first point of my hearing but –
Woke up like this
In the dead of night
That you were right here
With your flaws and perfections
By my side . . .


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