Over the years, I have encountered individuals who Loved my work, so much that they promised that they’d be there to help me make my dream of being a Published Author a reality.

But I suppose they didn’t realize how much work would go into it.
They didn’t realize how much time it would take.

And they didn’t realize that not everybody would fall in love with my words the same way.

Most of the Authors whose books I enjoy, didn’t just appear from a hole in the ground. They had a whole body of works and ideas that their publishers were ready to push after the first book and the second book and the third and so on and so forth.

I had barely anything to make legacy out of.

And these individuals didn’t get that.
And so, they left πŸ’”

And now, I’m doing it on my own.
I’m trusting my gut and the process of building my own Anthology, and I’m trusting the pace that I’m moving at.

And I am proud of my progress.

One day, I will be a Published Author.
One day, I will have a whole team – My Tribe – of people, and we will all share the same vision.

I haven’t given up on that dream, even though some people don’t see the value in my worth.

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