Everything starts somewhere.
Nothing just appears fully formed.

You wake up one night with an idea in your head.
And then, it seems like the hardest part, is developing the idea – you know, plot, characters, setting and all that.

But then that part is done.
And then, it seems like the hardest part is fleshing it out.
You write the first few pages and a couple thousand words and it feels like you’re over the hump.
And so, you keep going and going and you edit after a few chapters, and then sometimes, you even realize that maybe the first chapter should be the eighteenth.

But then you wonder what comes next.

And then you realize that the hardest part is actually putting it out there.
And so, you ask people to read your work – your family and your friends and the individuals in your circle.

Sometimes, you get feedback, and sometimes you don’t.

And it’s out there.
What next?

You expand your audience.
And then you think that maybe, this could be the hardest part.

The Brand.

That’s not it.
At least, not for me.

The hardest part, is Writing.
In the middle of all of this, the hardest part is being consistent with my Writing.
Putting the Words out there.
Telling the story and being faithful to my characters and listening to their voices – and sharing their story with the world.

In just about every path that you travel, there will always be challenges.
Whether the obstacles are in your life or against your craft – you will encounter challenges.
And if you really believe in your dream and goal and achieving it, no obstacle is insurmountable.

And ultimately, it will all be worth it.

Stay Dreaming!

Sincerely, J.D. . 🌻

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