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It’s Wednesday, which means questions and answers.

But before I get into a very, very popular question, let me first express my gratitude.
I always sit there and have myself a little dance party when I see just how big the community is growing, but I forget to actually thank you, Dear Reader.
Thank You for giving a bother and Thank You for Reading and investing your time in this Passion Project of mine!

Now, this week’s (and every week’s) question is relevant to my desire to thank you all.
The question is obvious and you’ve asked it, whether it was directly to me, or to yourself.

Over the years, as I was growing as a Writer, I learnt something about myself that I didn’t quite see coming.
I heard it said that the moment you put your work out there, the scope of your vision will change.
It could frighten you and pull you back into yourself, or it will make you dream and think beyond the confines of your four walls.
When I first put this out there, the audience was very small and I felt like I wasn’t good enough. But in that, I realized that I took such pleasure in simply writing the story, never mind who was actually reading it.
But then, the feedback started trickling in and it gave me a confidence boost in a part of myself that I didn’t know was even there. And I just wanted to do better – I wanted to bring more effort to the table. I wanted the Readers to know that I actually put work into creating this world and that it was more than just a fun assignment for the passing of time for me.
I learnt a lot along the way and then it dawned on me that it would soon end – but I wasn’t finished with it yet.
I felt like there was still so much more I wanted to share – I wanted to speak a little louder, for the people in the back.
They were right, what they said.
The scope of my vision had changed.

So I know that at some point, The Journals Of He won’t just be a serial on your news feeds, but a hardback on your shelves.
Sure, I will feel all the joy knowing that J.D. Kizza won’t just be a search term in your engine, but a marker under the letter ‘K’ in every local book store, but I will also feel the sting that comes with GROWING.

The Answer, is YES.

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