I will proudly invoke the power of God here,
Because it’s – magical, celestial
Or something near
To it,
The fact that I’m still alive to Live,
The fact that I have made it through this year.
I may not have a job that leaves me
In a state of perpetual excitement,
Or have to traverse my days
Through a steady threat to my life,
But that doesn’t exclude me from
The effects of being human –
It doesn’t save me from the
Ravages of time and being alive.
Some battles aren’t fought
On the outside.
And nobody can see the scars
I have on the inside,
Under this skin –
I’d wake some days, wishing
That the sun wouldn’t rise,
For fear that I would have
To face my days, faking my smiles.
I would fail to sleep at night,
And there was no warmth in the sun
And no relief from my monsters
In the light –
But by the grace of a God of Miracles
I somehow came out of this
On the other side
I am stronger.
I am wiser.
And I survived –


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