A warm, warm welcome to you, new Readers!
And welcome to 2020 everyone!

When I was younger, the closest bookstore to my house was over an hour away if my dad was driving.
In my hometown, there was a store that everyone referred to as a bookstore, when in fact, it was more of a stationery shop.
The books sold there were textbooks and exercise books and notepads and all the books we’d read for literature study.

When I got older, my dad introduced me to the book club that he was a member of.
I’d pick up to 5 books that would be shipped to the Post Office at some point within the year.

And in between, I had no access to books that I wanted to read FOR FUN.

So what was there to be done?
I Wrote the Stories I wanted to Read.

It was awesome.

But thinking back on this, I realize that even now, I have yet to see an actual, conventional bookstore in my hometown.
One would say, that this is because there is no interest in Reading in the community.
But I disagree.

The readership on The Journals has taught me that the main issue here is access.
Books are EXPENSIVE 😡
I’m convinced that if anyone who COULD READ, was confronted with a room full of books on every possible subject matter under the sun, in every possible genre, in any language, THEY WOULD have themselves a seat and READ UNTIL THEIR ARMS HURT 🀣

I believe that the desire to Read isn’t the issue, it’s the access to reading material πŸ“š
So right now, I am full of joy, just knowing that you’re all here, taking time out of your day to just Read πŸ–€


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