Happy Hump Day Individuals!
And it’s back to school for some people out there, which I just discovered with the rubbish Jozi traffic – WHAT A WOW!
For others, this is the second work week of the year – congratulations.
And for most of you, it’s probably just Wednesday.
But, for us, it’s Q&A Wednesday, so here it is.

This one is a simple question that I get asked a lot.
The answer is even simpler and pretty straight forward.

Is there a PDF of The Journals Of He?
No, there is not – at least, not for public consumption.
At least, not yet.
There are plenty of reasons why this is the way that it is, but the main one is that the current format fits the telling of the story beautifully.

If you look up the definition of the word Journal, one of the options provided is :-
A daily record of news or events of a personal nature – a diary.

This story is told in just about the same way.
Each chapter speaks with its own voice, an anecdotal telling of one part of the story that is connected to the entry before, and the next entry after.
All of it is intensely personal, and Dilia tells it all like nobody will ever hear her – like nobody will ever read what she’s written.
She speaks like she would write it all in her diary.

Each chapter has its own title, in place of a date and time and instead of posting a chapter a day, I post two chapters a week.

I love the feedback that I get from it and I love watching the Reader process the story as it unfolds.
I get feedback with each chapter and it helps me do better with the next one and the one after that – with the final goal being formal publication in all the formats that you can sink your imaginations into!

Granted, it feels like perpetual homework, but it’s beautiful to behold and it’s completely rewarding.

Don’t you worry.
I’ll make it happen!
But in the meantime, you can check it all out on the Blog.
Trust, I’m right there with you 🖤

Sincerely, J.D . . 🌻


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