Had my pity party after yesterday’s setback.
It was excellent.
I cried my tears, and now I move forward.
I did say that I would do the things, and I did!

Turns out that I cannot post the website links ANYWHERE on Facebook at this time – they will be flagged and blocked!

But issokay – I’ve got you covered.
The Journals continue and that – thankfully – hasn’t been stopped.
We’re still here, Dear Reader!
And so, a new chapter will go live as scheduled, tomorrow at 9AM and you’ll receive your emails as usual.

For those of you who haven’t signed up for the notifications, you can simply head on over to the WordPress Blog and all the chapters will be there, online, for you to read and enjoy at your own leisure.

Remember, it’s absolutely free!
No annoying subscription fees or banking details required – don’t nobody got time for any of that drama!

Once again, massive Thank You for showing up and showing off The Journals Of He, I wouldn’t have made it this far without your support!


Love, J.D . . πŸ–€

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