I deleted the last picture
I had of us today.
I miss you.
Sometimes, I think of you so hard
I forget your face.
Does that make sense?
You’re there, and it’s effortless.
I see something crazy
And I turn around to check if
You caught it.
But you’re not there –
And it’s here that I remember it.
The sound of your voice
The way your eyes turn
In the light.
The beauty of your smile.
I forget the pain
And I fall
Like nothing happened at all.
I miss you.
These words have been said
A thousand, thousand times.
And maybe because
They have been told in lies
They have lost their meaning over time.
But I mean it.
I miss you.
I wish that I could take it all
Back –
I would.
But I can’t.
And now this –
Is all I have…


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