Pretty much everybody in existence has had their Hearts broken in Love at some point in their lives.

  In my own experience, I learnt so many things about myself when I had my Heart truly broken for the first time.
I got some glimpse into what it was like to not want to be alive anymore.
I realized just how much I really Loved the man.
  I realized just how connected I was to him – just how deep he was under my skin.
  And in my case, I realized just how much of it was my fault – I realized how much power I had given to him when the fact was, he was just a man.
  No greater and no less than any other human being.
  And I had elevated him to god status.

  12 Thursdays is a series of Poems and Writings by Dilia as she works through her pain following her abrupt split from the Love of her Life.
It follows her journey through what she calls the first true breaking of her Heart and how she uses Words to settle what she feels and what she thinks.
She realizes that some feelings cannot simply be defined by one Word and finds her eyes being opened to things she never knew about herself.
Some days she finds herself grown and others, she learns just how far away she is from reaching that place where she can truly call herself healed.

  Some people recover from their broken Hearts.
  Some people learn to live with the pain until it’s just a part of who they are.
  Some people bury it deep, moved only by triggers that call it to the surface.
  Some people just don’t feel it at all.
  Some people never shake it and never come back from that place where they fell when their Hearts were shattered to pieces.
  Some people change so much, they barely recognize themselves when they come out on the other side.

The 12 Thursdays series is about that…

J.D . . 👑