Easy… Just breathe…” I whispered.

I leaned down over her, pressing my forehead to hers.
Her breathing was heavy and her skin was ablaze.
She arched her spine as the rhythm changed and intensified. She was so lost in what she was feeling that I was sure that she didn’t even realize that she had all but taken my weight as the sensations flowed through her . . .” ~ Him


If you were raised in a community where the people believe in a Higher Power, then you’ve heard it said that when you really want something, you should Pray about it.

  When you’re a kid at school, it’s all about getting good grades and making friends and maybe even being popular if you’re into that sort of thing – Pray about it.
And then you grow up and you start to discover yourself and the road gets a little shaky and you need a little guidance – Pray about it.
And then you know yourself and then you find your Tribe – but then you realize that you want a little more…

That’s what he was for me.
He was more.

For the first time, I learned how to Pray.
They tell you that you should give it to the Lord and that you should keep it real.
That even though God knows you from your beginning to your last breath, you should still be specific.

But how could I ask of Him, these things that I wanted?
How could I be specific about it, without it coming off as twisted as it sounded?

  Because it was.
And so was he.
And you know what?
I wanted him still –